my car broke down on the freeway 2

If you own or rent a car, breakdowns are bound to happen at some point. It’s just one of those things that come with driving.

Car breakdowns of any sort are inconvenient and can be very stressful, but particularly so on freeways and main roads. You might find yourself in an unfamiliar area with no one around to help you.  When this happens and you need fast roadside assistance, follow our easy steps:


Don’t panic

It’s natural to panic if your car breaks down, however it is vital to be cognisant of your situation and your surroundings. Remember that this happens to motorists every day.


Signal and move to the left

As soon as you realise something is wrong, make every effort to exit the freeway if possible. If you are unable to, navigate onto the shoulder of the road, find a breakdown bay, or just move as far away from traffic as you can. When doing this, use your left indicator to let other motorists know that you will be changing lanes and moving to the side of the road. 

Do not stop directly after a bend as this will be dangerous for any motorists approaching from behind you. Either stop before the turn or move further ahead after the bend, giving motorists time to slow down.


Turn on hazard and parking lights

It’s important that your vehicle stays visible to other motorists on the road to avoid any accidents.


Pop the bonnet

This will immediately indicate to other motorists that you have broken down and will aid in visibility as well as prompting other vehicles to drive carefully when they are near you. 


Stay in the vehicle 

Ask yourself if there is a really good reason for you to get out of the car. It is much safer to stay inside the vehicle, keep your seatbelt fastened and your windows locked until UTT arrives.

If you do need to leave the vehicle, keep an eye on any oncoming traffic and leave the vehicle through the passenger side door when it is safe. Remember to take your keys with you. Once out of the vehicle, try to get off the road and behind a roadside barrier and never attempt to cross the freeway on foot.


Put on a Hi-Viz vest

A high visibility vest is a great investment to have with you in the car, especially if you’re stranded on a freeway.


Call United Tilt Tray Services 

Because breakdowns can happen anywhere at any time, we offer 24-hour towing and roadside assistance in Perth and are trusted by all the major insurers. For emergencies and fast assistance, call us on 08 9204 4141. For a free, same-day quote visit our website. When you place a booking with us, you will receive an ETA.


Sit tight and wait for us

For emergency roadside assistance we respond within 15 – 30 minutes. Otherwise we endeavour to be there within the hour. 


So whether you find yourself broken down on a freeway, stuck in a ditch or just stranded off-road, call us at United Tilt Tray Service on 08 9204 4141 or visit our website for more information.