There’s never a good time or place for your car to break down. While you can try to prevent mechanical problems with regular services, sometimes breakdowns are inevitable and can happen with little to no warning.

The situation can become particularly stressful if you have kids in the car.


Stop your car in a safe place:

Move your car to the far-left side of the road or the emergency exit lane where possible.


Ensure your car is visible:

Turn on your hazard lights to signal other drivers that you are in trouble. If you break down at night, also turn on your headlights to better alert other drivers of your presence. During this time, calmly explain to your child that the car has broken down and you will need to wait for someone to come and fix it.


Assess if it is safe to exit your vehicle:

If you’ve broken down on the freeway, it can be hazardous to remain sitting in the car next to fast-moving traffic. In this situation, you may deem it safe to get out of the vehicle using the left side doors to avoid passing traffic and stand behind the guard rail. Inform your child that you need to leave the car and that they need to stay close. In some situations, you may not feel safe stepping out of the car. In this instance, stay inside the car with doors locked until it’s safe to leave. It is important to stay calm, reassure your child, and ask them to remain seated.


Phone for help:

Call your roadside assistance provider or United Tilt Tray Service on 08 9204 4141 to get some assistance, and be sure to tell them you have a child with you. If you are on the freeway and don’t have mobile service or a phone, carefully walk to the nearest emergency phone.


Wait for help to arrive:

Remain calm when speaking to your child to avoid them becoming upset about the situation. Explain to them that the vehicle may need towing so they can observe the process with curiosity rather than fear.
If you find yourself and your child in the middle of a breakdown, know that you aren’t alone. United Tilt Tray Service is with you 24/7. If you need vehicle towing, roadside assistance or anything else, call United Tilt Tray Service on 08 9204 4141.