When the temperature drops, it’s not only you who feels it. Cold weather can significantly impact your car’s ability to run smoothly, and simple things like getting the engine started can be a pain. While you might quickly warm up with your favourite blanket and a hot cup of coffee, your car may need a bit more love and care during the winter months.  In this article, we take you through common winter problems your car may experience and some tips on how to avoid them.


Check your oil

Depending on your vehicle’s oil type, the chilly temperature may thicken up and slow motor oil flow through the engine. Traditionally, synthetic oils move easier than conventional motor oils in colder climates meaning your car will start regardless of the weather. However, always read the owner’s manual or get advice before putting new motor oil in your engine.


Check your battery

There is nothing more frustrating than running late, and your car not starting. Batteries undergo much more stress during winter when they have to power lights, wipers, heating and a cranky engine on cold mornings. To ensure smooth running, check your battery charge regularly. If you aren’t planning on leaving your cosy abode very much, run your engine for a few minutes daily to help charge the battery, particularly if your car is parked outside.


Check your tyres

Wet roads and winter go hand in hand, and this can be particularly dangerous if your tyres are hanging by their last thread. In rainy and slippery conditions, to keep you safe tyres generally need more thread to maintain traction. Pay attention to your tires this winter and replace them if they’re looking a little tired.


Check your brakes

You don’t want to get caught driving with worn-out brake pads or faulty brakes this winter. If you have the slightest doubt that your brakes aren’t up to scratch, get them checked and fixed without delay.

If you find yourself stuck on the roads this winter, know that you aren’t alone. United Tilt Tray Service is with you 24/7. If you need vehicle towing, roadside assistance or anything else, call United Tilt Tray Service on 08 9204 4141.