Having your vehicle break down is something every driver wants to avoid. And when it does happen it is often quite unexpected.

To help keep you on the road we look to some of the most common causes of breakdowns and what you can do to avoid them.


Flat or faulty battery

Battery faults can happen due to a poor electrical connection, faulty parts, vehicle lights being left, only driving short trips on or perhaps just not using the car for an extended time. Battery faults happen more in winter, as a cold battery will have less power.

If you mostly take your vehicle on short city drives, a nice long drive every couple of weeks will help your battery fully recharge. Asking a friend or family member to drive your car occasionally while you’re away will help keep the battery in working order.


Tyre trouble

Damaged tyres or wheels are commonly caused by poor alignment, driving at speed or over potholes or general wear and tear over time.

To avoid having a flat tyre remember to check the tyre tread and pressure. Also check for damage to the tyre wall such as bulges, blisters or cracks, and look for foreign objects that might be stuck in the tyre such as nails and sharp stones.


Lost keys

Losing your keys, having them stolen or locking them in your car is a sure way to find yourself stranded. Keeping a spare key at home is a good idea, but if you’re far away it’s little use.

Our team can assist in getting your spare key delivered to you, getting your car to a dealer where they should be able to arrange a key or arranging a locksmith to replace your key.


Fuel Issues

Putting the wrong fuel in your engine is a simple mistake made by thousands of drivers every year. To avoid this frustrating situation, always double-check the pump nozzle before you pull the trigger.

If you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car don’t start the engine. Push the car to a safe place and call our team who are always on call and ready to help.

Running out of fuel is another common cause of a breakdown. To avoid getting caught out, always fill your car up sooner rather than later and never rely on your vehicle’s display that tells you how many km you might have left, they can be inaccurate!


Engine oil problems

Engine oil provides lubrication to the engine’s moving parts. If you have a leak or your engine oil level is very low it could seriously damage your engine and become quite costly to repair.

Keep an eye out for stains on the driveway that could indicate an oil leak and to avoid engine problems, make sure the oil is changed regularly. We also recommend checking your engine oil levels between services, especially before a long drive.


We’re here to assist

At United Tilt Tray Service, we offer 24/7 roadside assistance 365 days a year, so no matter when your vehicle breaks down, you can always rely on our team for help.

Plus, you don’t need a membership to get help from us. Just give us a call on 08 9204 4141 and we’ll be there as soon as possible.