A busy road full of cars is pictured at night time with Christmas lights in the background

Summer and Christmas are here, and the roads are about to get busy!


The weather has officially turned and we’re counting down the days to a festive period filled with local get togethers, lengthy road trips and perhaps some little mishaps on the road.
Although we’d love to help you out in a bind, we’d prefer your Summer is a safe one – so we’ve put together some recommendations to make yours as hassle-free as possible.


Check your vehicle:

Most of us will be stuck in WA this year so whether you’re headed to Dunsborough or Kalbarri, your drive is going to be a little longer than your usual run to the shops. Book in for your next service now, good mechanics book out weeks in advance at this time of year and you need to make sure your tyres, coolant, oil and brakes are all tip top.
Immediately before a trip, remember to check your tyre pressure too. Under inflated tyres will increase your fuel consumption and wear more heavily, adding to the risk you’ll be changing a flat on the side of the Bussell Highway.


Get the gear:

Ensure your car has a few essentials to make any unexpected issues less painful. Check you’ve packed your snatch strap and Maxtrax, or at least a decent shovel. Do you have a basic first aid kit with backups of any medications you might consistently use? How about a couple of water bottles and toilet paper to avoid that waxy stuff in the servo toilets? Portable jump starters are inexpensive but could save the day if you’ve left the aircon and portable fridge running while you eat your lunch in the roadhouse carpark.


Plan ahead:

Whether you’re designated driver for your work Christmas party or you’re punching a whole day of driving to get to your camp spot on boxing day, consider the things that might catch you out. Allow extra time for parking in the city and if you’re heading out of Perth then try leaving early in the morning to avoid traffic.
Brand highway can be quieter than Indian Ocean Drive, but the diesel at Carabooda Ampol is always cheaper than in town!


Enjoy the ride:

It’s your holiday season, so make it enjoyable. Prepare what you can so you don’t have to rush then just enjoy the ride. Don’t sweat the 5-minute delay from traffic or finding a car bay, when you’re rushed and distracted you’re more likely to have an accident. So put on your most chill playlist (we won’t judge if it’s Myriah or Bublé), crack the window to deep-breathe some fresh air and just lap up the quality time with your friends and family.


Need a hand?

United Tilt Tray wishes you all a perfectly incident-free Summer, but if you do get caught out and need a bit of roadside assistance, remember: you’re not obliged to take the first tow truck on the scene and can ask for a quote before accepting a tow. Just give us a call on 9204 4141, we’d love to give you a hand.