At United Tilt Tray we pride ourselves on having a comprehensive fleet of towing vehicles to suit any transport needs. Some of the most popular vehicles are our flatbed tow trucks. When it comes to transporting large, precarious and precious cargo there really is no other vehicle better suited for the job.  

Here are some of the key advantages of choosing a flatbed tow truck:



One of the main perks of using a flatbed tow truck is that whatever you’re transporting is well-protected from damage. Raised up off the ground and attached to the truck securely, the flatbed absorbs all bumps and bashes while the cargo remains unaffected. Should your vehicle have been in an accident, a flatbed truck that is carefully managed by professionally-trained and highly experienced crew members will ensure that no further damage comes to the vehicle when it is on its way for repairs. 


Quick and convenient

A flatbed is as simple as it gets. Loading cargo onto it is very straightforward and you do not have to worry about inching anything into tight and complicated spaces. Once you’re at your destination the offloading process is just as quick with the cargo – either driven off the truck or craned off depending on what has been moved. 



Flatbed Tow Trucks are characterised by their dynamic shape. Owing to their flat design, with no sides, roof or doors a flatbed offers a much wider area to work with which allows for transportation of both heavy and large loads. So be it a vintage car, a crate, heavy machinery or any load that fits the bed, these adaptable trucks will ensure that any cargo is transported safely and without harm.

If you need an expertly-trained team to assist you with towing services then look no further. United Tilt Tray is a comprehensive, 24-hour towing service in Perth WA and we would be delighted to assist with any of your towing needs. Give us a call today.